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On our farm, our foals begin kindergarten before they are weaned. They are handled often, but not spoiled (well, maybe just a little). They learn to pick up their feet for trimming and they must learn to lead and have good manners when they are weaned. All of our Miniature Donkeys are registered. Each donkey is sold with a halter and lead, current coggins and complete health records of vaccinations and de-worming, and registration papers. Most importantly, each donkey is LOVED as though it were the only donkey on the farm! You will notice the difference when you take one of ours home!

Our donkeys are priced according to conformation and overall quality. We honestly and accurately represent our donkeys. 

We invite you to view our Nursery page.  Please feel free to inquire about any of our foals.

E-mail us at to inquire about donkeys for sale. A deposit of $500 will hold any of our donkeys that are for sale.

We do not train outside donkeys, since we have so many of our own, but we have raised and trained many donkeys who have been shown successfully by others (see  Awards page). When you purchase a show donkey from us, we are happy to help you learn how to show, and work with you and your donkey. We do not charge for this service.

We train performance geldings and we usually have at least one available. Please contact us if you are interested in driving.

After much discussion and heavy persuasion from my husband, I have also decided to offer a few jennets for sale. These jennets are proven in the show ring and/or proven producers of top quality foals. We will hand breed any jennet purchased to Indiana Jones as they are all great pairings for him. A $500 fee is added to the jennet if he is not already bred to them.

Please contact me if interested in any jennets not on my for sale page. Prices are firm.

Thank you,


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"Transport Opportunity"

We are traveling up to northern Illinois October 9th and have room to haul a couple more donkeys from our farm to you if close to our route.

Update photos coming soon but see all below!

Delu - $2500 - possible red gene carrier, testing upon request.
Takoda - $2500 - red gene carrier.
Tra la la Lee - $2500 - possible red gene carrier.
Dolly Jones - $2500
Cover Girl - $2400 OR her jennet foal, Emmylou - $2800
Daddy's Girl bred to Indy for a spring 2015 foal - $2800
Razzberry Sizzle bred to Sunset Acres Sir Prize - $3500


Li'l Angels Tra-la Tra-lee
Li'l Angels Tra-la Tra-lee

Black Jennet
DOB 11/13/13 @ 5:36 a.m.
Birth Height: xx"

Sire:  Li'l Angels Indiana Jones,   30¾" Dark Br/White Spotted

Dam:  Li'l Angels Bethany, 32" Brown

This jennet is a possible red gene carrier.

Price $2500


Li'l Angels Dolly Jones
Li'l Angels Dolly Jones

Dark Gray or Black Jennet
DOB 11/14/13
Birth Height: 21½"

Sire:  Li'l Angels Indiana Jones,   30¾" Dark Br/White Spotted

Dam:  Li'l Angels Lacy Doll, 31½" Black w/Cross & Faint Star

Write-up coming soon.

Price $2500


Li'l Angels Delu
Li'l Angels Delu
Li'l Angels Delu

Dark Chestnut Jennet
DOB 8/21/13
Birth Height: 22"

Sire:  Li'l Angels Indiana Jones,   30¾" Dark Br/White Spotted

Dam:  758's Daddy's Girl, 32½" Dark Brown

"Delu" was born 2 days before her due date, she was nursing as soon as she could stand, a bright little jennet. She is a perfect blend of her sire and dam. Indy's foals have great bone and Daddy's Girl put her feminine touches on Delu for a delightful and gorgeous little girl. She will be a show girl in halter classes for sure, we are very pleased. She may carry the red gene as her mother does, we will test upon request.

Price $2500


Li'l Angels Emmylou
Li'l Angels Emmylou

Dark Spotted Jennet
DOB 6/08/14
Birth Height: 22"

Sire:  Li'l Angels Indiana Jones,   30¾" Dark Br/White Spotted

Dam:  Li'l Angels Cover Girl, 33¼" Very Dark Brown

Write-up coming soon.

Price $2800


Li'l Angels Takoda
Li'l Angels Takodo
Photo taken 11/03/13

Dark Brown Jennet
DOB 10/11/13
Birth Height: 20"

Sire:  Li'l Angels Indiana Jones,   30¾" Dark Br/White Spotted

Dam:  Li'l Angels Creme Tangerine, 32" Dark Red

Takoda is Tangy's first foal, a tiny beauty. She is an angel in every sense and just so loving. She carries refinement from her dam, with good bone and balance from her sire. She is a red gene carrier. We are very pleased with this crossing.

Price $2500


Li'l Angels Cover Girl
Li'l Angels Cover Girl
Li'l Angels Cover Girl

33¼" Very Dark Brown Jennet
MDR #51376
DOB 8/30/07

Sire:  Itsy Bitsy Burro Co. Mr. Playbill, 31½" Black w/Star
      Grand Sire:  Circle C Main Event, 32½" Black
      Grand Dam:
Valiant Tequila, 33½" Gray-Dun

Dam:  Li'l Angels October Rose, 34¾" Red w/Star
      Grand Sire:  Itsy Bitsy Burro Co. Red October, 30½" Red
      Grand Dam:  758's Rosette, 35" Red

Click here to see Cover Girl's complete pedigree.

Cover Girl was one of the most perfect foals I have ever seen. We chose her and her sister, Lacey Doll, to go to the 2008 NMDA National show because of their very correct conformation, and that "Look at me" attitude! Cover Girl won 2nd behind her sister, but we have always thought she was just as good, if not better. We are extremely pleased to present her as one of our brood jennets.

Cover Girl's mom, October Rose, was our very first Red October foal. She did extremely well in the show ring, and is now owned by Sue Myers of Moonshine Meadows, Idaho. October Rose was not an easy jennet to part with, and we were only able to do so because we have retained Cover Girl and her full sister, Midnight Rose. We think Cover Girl is a very appealing blend of her two parents, and she carries both the black and red gene. Her color is not quite "in" here in these photos, but she is much darker than she looks here. Her cross is visible with her full color in, but only barely.

Price $2400


Short & Sweet Razzberry Sizzle
Click photo of miniature donkey to enlarge image

32¾" Red Jennet (Bred for 2015!)
MDR #52276
DOB 5/31/07

Sire:  Flight of Fancy Cardinal RG, 30½" Light Red
      Grand Sire:  My World Winston, 31½"Light Red
      Grand Dam: Sunset Acres Lady Slipper, 31" Light Red

Dam:  LN Old West Red Nolane, 33" Red/Roan
      Grand Sire: LN Red Sonfire, 31½" Dark Red
      Grand Dam:  LN Nolauna, 33" Dark Brown/Red

Click here to see Razzberry Sizzle's complete pedigree.

I saw this jennet for the first time at the 2008 National show, and was completely taken with her. She is one of the most perfect jennets on our farm, but it was not easy getting her here! We do appreciate Frank and Mary letting us purchase her, but I can't say they let go without a lot of persuasion! But we were persistent, and she finally came to live with us. I had the pleasure of showing her at the first Texas Shoot out, where she placed third in a very competitive class, and we brought her home after that. She then went to Houston the following spring, and placed first in a large jennet class, as a yearling, and went on to win Reserve Champion behind our own Li'l Angels Axelle. You might say she and Axelle stole the whole show....because they did! She was stunning then, and she is just as beautiful in my pasture. We are very proud to add this superior jennet to our line up of quality breeding jennets. Thanks again, Frank and Mary Williams, of Short and Sweet Miniature Donkeys!

Razzberry Sizzle has been bred to Sunset Acres Sir Prize.

Price $3000


758's Daddy's Girl
758's Daddy's Girl, click photo of miniature donkey to enlarge
758's Daddy's Girl, click photo of miniature donkey to enlarge

32½" Dark Brown Jennet (Bred for Spring 2015!)
MDR #52641
DOB 2/14/08

Sire:  758's Red Pride, 31½" Red
      Grand Sire:  LN Star Spangled Banner, 33" Dark Red
      Grand Dam:
LN Sneaky Fox, 30¼" Red

Dam:  Belleau Mickey G.F.M., 32½" Gray-Dun
      Grand Sire: Belleau Bud Man G.F.M., 33" Brown
      Grand Dam:  Belleau Michelb's Madonna G.F.M., 32" Albino White

Click here to see Daddy's Girl's complete pedigree.

We are very pleased to have this special daughter of Red Pride. Her dam, Mickey, has been a solid producer of quality donkeys. Candy Kisses, another daughter of Mickey’s, and previously owned by Li’l Angels, has two son’s now residing in England as multiple champions. Daddy’s Girl has flashy style similar to the Playbill daughters. “Dee” as we call her is one of my favorite donkeys. She has a beautiful arch to her neck and a gorgeous head. The cross on Dee’s back is unique in that it is very wide and black. She carries the red gene and has a deep rich brown color with red highlights and lots of chrome. Her conformation and style make her a standout here at the farm. Jeannie selected Dee to carry the very last foal of Mr. Playbill in hopes of a future herd sire. Dee’s jack foal “Southern Exposure” is a carbon copy of her and we couldn’t be more pleased. Crossing Mr. Playbill with Dee proved to be a very special cross. We are expecting great things from Dee and her boy.

Daddy's Girl gifted us with a beautiful dark chestnut jennet foal we named "Delu" which means "only girl." We are very pleased with our pairing of Daddy's Girl with Indiana Jones. Delu is a gorgeous example of what we aim to produce in our selective breeding program. She is offered for sale and can be seen on our 2013 nursery page.

Daddy's Girl has been bred to Indy for a spring 2015 foal.

Price $2800


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For more information please contact:

Jennifer Eastep


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