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Li'l Angels will not be breeding for 2016. We are putting all efforts into enjoying the beloved donkeys we have and taking time to follow up on donkeys we have sold and where they are now. We are responsible for what we put on this earth, the donkey population needs a break and needs our help to find forever homes. Please join our efforts and reward the donkeys.

We are so grateful for having found such joy in owning donkeys we are ready for the next chapter and that is to give back to them! We are taking a break from breeding indefinately to open our farm as a foster facility to a great rescue run by kind souls with a mission. Visit to see all of the animals up for adoption. Fostering can bring such reward! Please read the foster guidelines on their site and give it some thought. Open a space in your heart, there is room I promise!

On our farm, our foals begin kindergarten before they are weaned. They are handled often, but not spoiled (well, maybe just a little). They learn to pick up their feet for trimming and they must learn to lead and have good manners when they are weaned. All of our Miniature Donkeys are registered. Each donkey is sold with a halter and lead, current coggins and complete health records of vaccinations and de-worming, and registration papers. Most importantly, each donkey is LOVED as though it were the only donkey on the farm! You will notice the difference when you take one of ours home!

Our donkeys are priced according to conformation and overall quality. We honestly and accurately represent our donkeys. 

We invite you to view our Nursery page.  Please feel free to inquire about any of our foals.

E-mail us at to inquire about donkeys for sale. A deposit of $500 will hold any of our donkeys that are for sale.

We do not train outside donkeys, since we have so many of our own, but we have raised and trained many donkeys who have been shown successfully by others (see  Awards page). When you purchase a show donkey from us, we are happy to help you learn how to show, and work with you and your donkey. We do not charge for this service.

We train performance geldings and we usually have at least one available. Please contact us if you are interested in driving.

After much discussion and heavy persuasion from my husband, I have also decided to offer a few jennets for sale. These jennets are proven in the show ring and/or proven producers of top quality foals. We will hand breed any jennet purchased to Indiana Jones as they are all great pairings for him. A $500 fee is added to the jennet if he is not already bred to them.

Please contact me if interested in any jennets not on my for sale page. Prices are firm.

Thank you,


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2014 was a blessed and wonderful year for us and so many! I want to wrap it up with a bright and promising future for the rescue I dearly love. I became a volunteer this year for Safe Harbor Equine and Livestock Sanctuary when we moved to Tennessee. My passion for taking care of the animals we put on this earth took over my needs to breed quality miniature donkeys. While I feel good breeders are necessary to uphold the standards for the Miniature Donkeys in conformation, temperament, and showing purposes, it's my time to give back to the donkeys and animals already on this earth.

From now until the end of the year I will offer my best quality young jennets to ethical and respectable breeders. These girls are destined for the show ring and are my pride and joy. I feel it's important to make room for more foster animals and want to pass on my girls to breeders passionate on having "the best" in conformation.


It cost the rescue an average of $250 for each animal we bring in to foster on vetting. My sales will go to vetting and gelding fees for the rescue. This is a great opportunity for the breeders to give back and gain fabulous donkeys at the same time.

For sale:

Reina - Sold!

Hello Dolly - $4000 - Sold!

Dolly Jones - Sold!

Tra La Tra Lee - Sold!

All donkeys can be seen below and they are selling like hot cakes so if you are interested you should get your deposit in soon!


Tula & Molly
Tula and Molly

Breed: Miniature Donkeys

Gender: Jennets
Age: 8 Years

This bonded pair of jennets will need to be placed in a home where they can remain together. They are very well socialized, sweet and gentle. Their adoption fee is $500 for the pair.

Visit to fill out an application!



Breed: Standard Donkey

Gender: Jennet

Age: Estimated DOB 10/10/14

Loretta came to rescue with her mom from abandonment. She is very cute, dark brown with light points. Loretta was shy on intake, but is handled daily in her foster home, and is coming around very quickly. She is being weaned with another donkey foal, and is continuing her socialization with both humans and donkeys.

Loretta will ultimately be a fantastic pet standard donkey. She does still share grain with her mother, and she reliably eats hay on her own. Loretta’s full weaning date is 02/13/2015.

Update! After two days without her sweet loving mother Loretta is now in my pocket. She seeks me for attention and can be petted everywhere without the slightest hesitation. Hoof camp begins soon! Her adoption fee is $250.

Visit to fill out an application!



Breed: Standard Donkey

Gender: Gelding

Age: 10

Casper came in to rescue with Princess and Maestro, but he was not from the same home as they were originally. As best we can tell his length of ownership there was only 6 months. Prior to that, he was living life as a livestock guardian donkey, specifically working with cows. Caspar has enjoyed getting to be a donkey among donkeys, and has integrated wonderfully at the donkey farm where he fosters.

His hooves were terrible when he arrived in rescue, but he was able to be trimmed and has make remarkable progress on hoof shape, but this will be ongoing with him for several months to get his hooves in order. Caspar is shy, and will need a gentle natured owner to help him continue learning to trust people. He is not mean to people, he simply has had limited positive interactions with them, and prefers to keep his distance. Casper could be a livestock guardian again, but his adoptive home will need to commit to proper veterinary and hoof care. Casper’s adoption fee is $250.

Visit to fill out an application!



Here is our other foster Rio. He is an Arabian pony cross.   He will be offered for adoption soon so stay tuned!

Visit to fill out an application!


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For more information please contact:

Jennifer Eastep


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